Cities, municipalities & sector organisations

At the Retail Design Lab, cities, municipalities and sector organizations can turn to us for scientific services. We are happy to help optimize the overall shopping experience of a city, municipality or sector. This can be done at the overall city level but also street or store level.

More need for experiential shopping streets?

Do you want to know how to improve the experience in your shopping streets? Or are you looking to create an identity in certain streets? We use our own developed and scientifically based experience audit (Retail Experience Scan - REXS) for this as well. REXS shows where the strengths and areas for improvement lie. Then we work out concrete recommendations that we visualize in an accessible way.

image advice
Do you need help creating more experience?

Are you wondering how well the stores in your shopping area, street, sector or organisation score in terms of shopping experience? We can test the current store concepts through the scientifically supported experience audit tool we developed (the Retail Experience Scan - REXS). Based on its results, we can then elaborate concrete recommendations and share these with you and/or the retailers during workshops or training sessions/lectures.

Do you, as an organization or city, wish to support entrepreneurs to deliver better and more relevant stores? Then take a look at how we support SMEs through various consultancy advice packages. A collective package may be developed for this.

We have already had unique collaborations with the cities of:

Stad Genk • Stad Lier • Toerisme Hasselt • Stad Maastricht • Stad Hasselt • Stad Knokke-Heist • Stad Lommel • Garden Centre Quality Awards • Stad Brugge • Tinto • Goldkrone • NAVEM • VLAM • OC West • ...

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