Research doesn’t only show that a store can function as a tool to elicit desired consumer behaviours, but also that very small facets of a store’s design can have an impact on the mood, demenaor and emotions of the customer.

Acquiring knowledge

We have collected a wide range of knowledge on retail design from scientific research conducted all over the world. On this website, you will find this information in different forms: tools, guidelines, tips and tricks, training programs, and several case studies to illustrate it all.

360° experience

Since online retailers offer convenience, low prices and a large supply, the physical store has to focus on experiences and services. These two aspects are what truly divide online and offline retailing. How do customers experience your store? Or perhaps even more importantly: what is “experience”?

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What can we do for you?

Toolkits to create more experience-oriented stores 

Based on scientific insight, knowledge, the experience of practiced experts, as well as our own experience, we have developed a number of tools to guide you in the creative process of experience-oriented stores.

Op basis van wetenschappelijke inzichten, kennis en ervaring van experts uit de praktijk, en onze eigen ervaring, hebben we enkele tools ontwikkeld die helpen in het proces naar het creëren van meer belevingsgerichte winkels.

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 Retail experience design training

In addition to our “Masterclass Advanced Retail Design for Professionals”, we also offer tailor-made trainings.

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Personal advice and audit of your store

Would you prefer that an expert visit your store? Ask one of our retail design experts for tailored advice.

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Be inspired

Have a look at our case studies, or read one of our interesting newsletters.

Case study

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