The Retail Design Lab is part of Hasselt University's Faculty of Architecture & Arts located in Diepenbeek. In addition to retail design research, we also provide retail design specific education for interior architecture students.

summer school
Summer school seamless retail design

Every year, since 2014, we organize an international retail design summer school more specifically on the design of a 360° in-store experience. This is conducted in collaboration with TUDelft, Middlesex University and the Politecnico di Milano. If you decide to join us, you will have the opportunity to work in a multidisciplinary and international team with the support of specialized teachers and experts in the field. Together you will come up with new insights and designs for the store of tomorrow. More info for the summer 2024 edition to follow.

Master retail design

At our Faculty of Architecture and Arts, we offer a master of interior architecture with a specialization in retail design (in Dutch only). During this specialization year you will have the opportunity to work independently on a master project. After selecting a domain relevant topic, you will conduct academic research to write a master thesis, the results of which will serve to design a concrete store design concept.