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The big book
The big book of retail design

After years of research and practical experience in retail design, here is a book that brings together all the knowledge, activities, research and education into one story. Three streams have informed the content of this book. On the one hand, it summarizes the insights coming from practice-oriented research in retail design. This research was done through projects and doctorates but certainly also through services. On the other hand, it is complemented by tools and models tested and deployed in retail design education together. The continuous flow of knowledge and interaction between practice, research and education form the basis of the book. We are extremely proud that the book has received the GPRC label (double-blind peer reviewed).

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The value of design in retail and branding

Scholarly studies of value creation for consumer experience constitute a very fragmented field, spanning the disciplines of design, branding and marketing. The Value of Design in Retail and Branding creates a much-needed bridge between different disciplines involved in retail design, bringing together a range of research and insights for practice in these disciplines, improving the impact of design.


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