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At the Retail Design Lab, (interior) architects, retail designers and consultants can turn to us for scientific services. Indeed, we offer scientifically based support to optimize the shopping experience in your physical store designs/projects. We can either assist you in translating the retailer’s DNA in your concept, or through an open dialogue analyze your design and, if necessary, optimize it in terms of functional and experiential aspects. If you are just starting in the retail sector, we can also support you by drawing up a strategic floor plan which you may then develop further.

We also offer our expertise to entire design teams, so be sure to check out our training offer (tailored and not).


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Need help creating more experience in your store concept?

If you wish to have a stronger case during discussions with your retailer clients, then why not use our Retail Experience Scan (REXS)?

The REXS is a retail experience audit tool which measures the experience of a physical store based on the retailer/brand’s DNA. It is based on scientific research and provides an objective measurement of the different aspects of the in-store experience as seen from the customer’s perspective.  Curious about the REXS or interested in a license?

Find out more about REXS or contact us for more information.

Be sure to also ask about our tailor-made workshops and trainings.

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