Retail design tools

Over the years and through considerable research, we have been able to develop multiple easily accessible practical tools. These tools are ready-to-use and immediately applicable for the optimisation of the physical shopping experience for both small and large retailers, as well as designers and consultants. 

Do you need help in using the tools or would you like a tailor-made one? Please let us know!

tools on design proces

Below you will find all our tools in order of use in the course of a holistic retail design process, as briefly illustrated above.

retail design proces
Retail design proces

Would you like more insight into the course of a holistic retail design process? We have created for you a detailed overview of all the phases of such a process.

Design brief

Our design brief tool is a fill-in-the-blank document that provides support during discussions between retailers and designers in the early phases of the store design process. Are you planning to call on the Retail Design Lab for some consultancy services? In that case, before we can get to work on developing our advice, the retailer will need to complete this design briefing document.

Retail Design Index
Retail design index

Do you sometimes struggle navigating retail design specific terminology? We have compiled a glossary where you will find the main terms applied in the field as well as their meaning.

Design guidelines

Would you like to know more about the impact of different (design) aspects on the shopping experience? Then take a look at the guidelines we have formulated based on our continuous review of scientific literature. These will help you make more informed design decisions.

DIY store experience audit (for fashion)

With this DIY store experience tool (only available in Dutch) you can subject your fashion store (in the broad sense of fashion, thus including shoes, lifestyle, accessories, …) to a mini audit. Based on 20 questions, you will find out how your store scores on experience.

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Our check-list allows you to ensure you haven't forgotten anything important in the design of your physical store. Retail is detail thus this list is as complete as can be.

Sense matrix

This matrix is a useful tool to use in the design process of a store interior or in the development of ideas for a new store concept.

Retail Experience Scan

The REXS is an audit tool which measures retail experiences. Following years of research and development, we were able to offer licenses to this tool in the fall of 2022.

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