Retail design lab

The retail design lab is an evergrowing centre of knowledge at the Faculty of Architecture and Arts at Hasselt University. Within research group ArcK we focus our research on how the spatial environment, the store in this case, is experienced by its user, the customer. We look at perceptions, behaviours and emotions. The research is closely intertwined with the educational programmes of the Faculty and with the projects we do for, and in cooperation with, the industry (retailers, designers, suppliers, cities and communities, etc). This website was made with the financial support of the Vlaio and the companies (see partners) involved in the project.

Our mission

Our most important mission is to improve the experience of the customer in stores by influencing the design of the store. With our work, we aim to aid retailers in the creation of more experience-oriented stores and designers and student-designers to make research founded decisions to optimize the in-store experience. Through this website, we aim to increase overall knowledge of retail design.

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Our team

Prof. Katelijn Quartier
Post-doctoral researcher / retail design expert
Katelijn is the initiator of the research in retail design. Together with the team she has been growing the seed planted 13 years ago into the current Retail Design Lab.
Charlotte Beckers
Retail design researcher & consultant
As an interior architect and trendwatcher with a specialisation in retail design, Charlotte links theory to practice. She translates scientific pulications into relevant tips & tricks.
dr. Ann Petermans
Post-doctoral researcher
With her PhD on experience Ann has contributed to the foundations of the lab. She brings a wider perspective (not only retail) as an expert in wellbeing - an important aspect for present-day retailers.
Elisa Servais
PhD student
As PhD student, Elisa is looking into the (added) value of experiential retail environments. Or in other words, when is it valuable to add experience in physical stores and in which form?