The Retail Design Lab is a knowledge platform of the research group Retail Design at the Faculty of Architecture & Arts of Hasselt University. We have years of experience in scientific research and since 2016 have also been making these scientific insights accessible and practically applicable through this platform.



On this website you will find all kinds of practical tools that are easy to use for retailers and (retail) designers. You will also find guidelines and tips & tricks. To better support and illustrate these, we have analysed some stores and developed them as case studies. Feel free to use these various insights to make informed (design) decisions to optimise the shopping experience!



We try to get our knowledge to you through as many channels as possible. We regularly give lectures, organise training sessions and work as consultants for designers and retailers, large and small. Interested, questions? Just let us know. 

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What can we do for you?

For small and large retailers...

The Retail Design Lab has experience in advising retailers from a wide range of sectors. We can support retailers at every stage of their business in optimising the physical shopping experience.
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Chain store/Showroom


We are also active as advisors to the SME portfolio which makes it extra interesting for SMEs to call on us.

For designers & consultants...

The Retail Design Lab also provides scientific support to designers and consultants during the design process. To this end, we provide training sessions and customise our practical tools.


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Cities, municipalities & sector organisations...

Interested in specific advice or training for your organisational needs? We will be happy to work out a tailor-made training course or advisory programme.


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The BIG boek of retail design is out!

Here is a book that brings together into one story all the accumulated knowledge, activities, research and education accumulated through years of research and practical experience in retail design. The content of this book combines the worlds of practice, research and education. Indeed, on one hand, it summarizes the insights acquired through practice-oriented research in the retail design field. This research was done through various projects and doctorates but also through consultancy services. On the other hand, the book also integrates tools and models tested and applied in retail design education. The continuous flow of knowledge shared and the basis for the book’s content and structure are thus clearly anchored in the interaction between practice, research and education. We are extremely proud that the book has received the GPRC label (double-blind peer reviewed).